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Sawyer Safety Training & Consulting Ltd.
#3 Highway 39 East
Estevan, SK Canada S4A 2A7

Mailing Address:
Sawyer Safety Training & Consulting Ltd.
Box 878
Estevan, SK Canada S4A 2A7

P: 306.634.2679
C: 306.421.1533
F: 306.634.9720

The best way to contact me is always by email (or website form). I always reply to clients within 1 to 2 business days (usually within hours). If you are a new client, it may take me a little longer to reply due to the amount of emails or that I could be in class instructing. I appreciate your patience.



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Lost cards or replacement:
Due to the Privacy Laws of Canada we are now required to ensure that information is protected. As a result only those who have lost their cards can ask for a replacement. Proper documentation is required to ensure that your privacy and identity is protected. Upon completion of the following documents and completion of the follow up process.

Verification through records. The type of course, the date course was done etc. must be obtained before certificates process can be started.

Need a replacement certificate?
Click here for H2S, PST Training or Light Duty Vehicles.
For ALL other certificates please click here.

Prices are as follows:
All Enform, St. John Ambulance, Red Cross certificates first card $40.00 every card there after $35.00
Sawyer Safety Training card replacement first card $20.00 every card there after $15.00
GST extra at 5% shipping & handling $5.00

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